Panasonic Boom Microphone EM-2800A

৳ 2,200 ৳ 1,800

Panasonic EM-2800A Specifications:

  • Unidirectional microphone
  • electret condenser cardioid super,
  • equipped with standard XLR connector,
  • the integrated switcher can choose tele or normal function,
  • sensitivity 66dB short distance, long-distance 50dB sensitivity,
  • frequency response 80-13Khz, 120dB maximum input,
  • battery: 1.5 V (AA) or AA battery
  • dimensions 360mm long x 21mm diameter, weight 175 grams.

Package Contents:

  • A Panasonic microphone EM-2800,
  • Standard XLR plug
  • boom pole fixture,
  • Windshield or sponge protection


Panasonic Boom Microphone EM-2800A


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